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    send me your number lee.

    send me your number lee.
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    A3 wings

    Does the 5 door and 3 door share the same wing
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    and me
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    S-Line style roof spoiler

    they bond on
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    Welsh ASN Members List

    7. Bez101 -2009 A3 2.0 Tdi sportback - 2009 ST3 - 2012 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI S-line 2010 TTRS - north of Brackla bridgend (EVENTS MODERATOR) Yorkshire & Humberside. can you update please
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    Options on rear difusers ??

    do you have the s-line or SE.
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    New s4 owner. Ideas for front number plate relocation

    i agree with the above in the boot. but its either run without or in the factory place like Mac.
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    My mate got clamped

    government clamp theft
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    EPC nightmare

    don't listen to Halfords
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    mmi eject unlock HELP !!!!!

    It's genuine
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    mmi eject unlock HELP !!!!!

    will it still be 68 adaption ?
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    mmi eject unlock HELP !!!!!

    nice one cheers
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    mmi eject unlock HELP !!!!!

    2013 a4 avant mmi not the HD the one with the dvd drive in the dashwith the 2 sd card slots and 6 disc in the glove box I have VCDS and I know I need 37 navigation then channel 068 my problem is I cant access 37 navigation ?? any other way round it to get the eject unlocked ?? TIA