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Nov 15, 2013
Nov 25, 2008
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david_phillips95 was last seen:
Nov 15, 2013
    1. AutoJack
      do you do servicing as I'm near you?
    2. A4 Quattro Sport
      A4 Quattro Sport
      I am wondering if you might be able to help me with an ABS Problem on my 54 Plate A3 TDI. I am looking for the codes to be read by someone with VCDS.
    3. Kennyd167
      Im in stewarton and have just done a search for someone with a canbus cable and BINGO your nearest.You have just won the chance to have a go at my bluetooth activation. I have it all installed and wired,it works and i can receive and make calls and they come through the module/head unit, AudiAyr couldnt activate it........surprise surprise eh. the display doesnt show phone (telephone not installed message) and the controls dont work.
      Id be delighted if you could try to activate this as Sandra(moderater) has been trying to locate someone close by to do this. im willing to pay for this im no blagger. Oh its a 09 A4 sline 2.0 TDI with the controls on the dash not around the gear lever like the black edition and the guy i got it from said he had it fitted in an A5 and the voice activation worked on it too. if you want to txt me ill phone you my no is 07731001525 i work in killie. cheers Kenny
    4. martinivw
      Hi Davie,
      I spoke to George tonite he wants £80 for all four spacers,
      will dig his number out for u tomorro
    5. akash_sky1
      Hi dave, my details for group buy:
      Akash Minhas, 07977553391
      Just to confirm this will fit with the standard exhaust?
      What do you think you'll be pushing after stage 11 and downpipe?
    6. S3GG
      Hello David I've got a solar orange s3 8p late 2006 myself and have ordered everything from forge except for the catch tank. How is that mod going for you? Is it worthwhile for engine longevity and smoother operation? I dig the trick look and all but am really startingto economize on things and wonder if its an essential for you in your book having one yourself. Did you notice smoother operation in general? I can just sense that there is engine oil in the engine alot of times its just a feeling I get from the mechanical empathy of it all. And I change the oil every 5k km's or maybe 8k but before I change it theres rougher operation. After it feels slick again and smoother. Thinking of dropping in Slick 50 just to be sure.
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