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  • hey,
    The forge catch can kit is great, after doing alot of reading i decided to go with a catch can as the recirced oil can cause issues especially when your running higher boost than standard, clogs up the inlet and the valves. I would definately reccommend it mate.

    Cheers Davie
    Hi mate.... I have been out in cars with brembos but not actually driven them. All I can say is that they are a night and day difference between them and my std brakes. Anyone who has been out in the car when I have pulled up from 120+ have commented its like having your face pulled off!! LOL...

    Brake pedal travel is no different from std and I have not got them to fade as yet. The pads I have in them (DS2500's) do squeal a tad at low speeds when cold but fine when all warmed up. Bite from cold is good with them too.

    Brackets is where you may have a problem. I am not familiar with the differences between the 8L and 8P and the brackets that Badger 5 carry are designed to fit the 8L. I also know the bells that Bill carries are 5x100 PCD so won't fit an 8P either.

    Wasn't budgeting for brakes in the build but glad I did as the kind of acceleration 380bhp can give you eats tarmac at a surprising rate and having something that will stop you quickly is a must..

    Hope that helps

    i got them from ebay. Type in audi a3 devil eyes thats the actual ones i got. But they are LHD only my friend! (I converted them)
    Hi mate cheers! They are aftermarket. The deep orange you mentioned, not sure if you meant the indicators, ive changed the bulbs to chrome now so its all silverfied now
    i think they are very good value for money. good ride and handling is fantastic. its all about how you are going to set it up. for me that purchase is worth every penny
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