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    Anyone in the Surrey area... [tool loan]

    Hello matey! :-)
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    Anyone know what these wheels are off?

    What Jojo said. :wtf:
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    Anyone in the Surrey area... [tool loan]

    Thanks for the help, guys - They're £18 @ Screwfix.
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    Anyone in the Surrey area... [tool loan]

    Able to lend me some spring compressors? Or recommend where I might hire some? My top mounts maybe on their way out... :thumbsup: EDIT: Thanks for any help, not sure if spring compressors are rated for strength - will any make do?
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    Best budget silicone hoses?

    Do Creation Motorsport make the hoses you want?
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    clutch delay valve - new simple easy mod

    ^ Exactly what I was about to ask! Surely, by opening the circuit, you're introducing air? Not good in a hydraulic system, right?
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    Boost leak

    Please bear with me if I've got my terminology wrong... I've apparently got a boost leak between my dump valve and actuator (IIRC) that is giving me an EML. Dan (beachbuggy) read the code for me, but I was unusually inattentive and neglected write down the fault code. Is it a straightforward...
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    Best place to buy?

    Not really. But then I'm not really driving to the limits of my car on a day-to-day basis.I'd just really love some extra 'bite' at the pedal.
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    Best place to buy?

    Are the 3000's ok for a Stg1 S3 with stock calipers/ Brembo HC discs? Or are they overkill?
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    RSTT alloys

    Buy some part-worns from eBay in the correct sizes?
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    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    Just had an update from Colbornes Guildford: I'm pretty happy with that outcome, tbh.
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    S3 - Front Lower suspension arm bushes

    If you've got the lower arms off the car and the bushes out, is it worth doing fitting DEFCON front bushes that TT owners rave about?
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    Rear adjustable tie rods got to mad not to

    Tried contacting them directly? I might be interested if they get more in...
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    My minor modding thread

    I'm staggered by how clean your bay is Tuffty - Good work! :yes:
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    Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

    Is it worth going genuine for this (£64), or would a Pagid-branded replacement from ECP (£44) suffice?