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  • Hi there, one of the site members says your a whiz with the convertible roofs, i have a problem with my A4 B7 roof, could you possibly send me your number or text me and ill call you , 07864308058, it will take to long to try and explain in text on here, thanks
    Vag pro can you help.. I, replacing piston rings on my 1.9 PD tdi Audi A4 5 speed Awx.
    Sump removed and head and one piston out, however I need to get the oil pump off. 3 bolts no issues but do I have to remove the chain sprocket to get pump off.
    The sprocket bolt is very tight and looks like I have to counter hold the crank sprocket.
    Hello! I'm from Panamá and i just bought a 2008 a4 cabriolet... i already read your post and i manage to clean and change brushes... that was fine but now the roof motor make sound but the roof still the same (only moves 2-3 inches) what can i do? What do i have to check? There is no one here specialiced on convertible...

    P.S: sorry for my english
    Hi, would you be interested in helping me fix my roof related problem? I've read your guide to fixing the motor and would welcome any help you could offer. Obviously I'm happy to travel to you and pay for your time - Stephen
    I'm seeking some advice for my a4 cabriolet. The roof will not go down. I've tried resetting by opening/ closing manually. When I press the switch the windows go half way down then stop, however if I open the roof manually and slightly push the roof up away from the frame and press the switch the roof goes down as it should, but then stays open until I close manually.
    Any advice appreciated
    My friend,

    i have problem with the roof top it does not open at all. I tried manual open an dclose but then again nothing done with the button pressed to open.

    My mechanic said the fault codes are: Terminal 87 and Implausible Signal. He said he found the problem to be on one of the two relays of the motor and since these are directly atatched to the motor-pump that we can try to bypass this relay pulling cables outside the unit and attaching a relay there, or replace the whole motor.

    I wish to understand if there is any alternative to fix this issue and not waste a lot of money if you can help me.
    A few weeks ago, we were driving home and the top wouldn't close. My husband had to manually close it.. yesterday, as it wasn't raining, we manually opened and closed the top again to reset the sensors, but it didn't make any difference. When he tried to open the roof, it just opened a few inches (the windows came down about one third) but, luckily, he was able to close it again. This morning, I suggested he followed your instructions and after a lot of swearing trying to get the bits and pieces off, he got to the motor and cleaned it as you illustrated. He built it all back up again and we jumped into the car to give it a try. He turned the ignition on and the roof opened the same couple of inches and the windows came down about one third .. I was just away to say it didn't work, when the mechanism carried on and the roof opened fully as per usual. We closed it up again and I'll have to wait until the sun shines again to go out in the car.

    Thanks very much.
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