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  • Hi Matt, I really need some help and info on fitting a FBMSW to my 8P S3 any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Bro i really need your help, PM me whenever you can,got a couple of question about converting my car's front end,thank you
    Hi, I've been looking around on here and seen your grill conversion on the akoya silver Audi A3. I'm looking to do the same but desperately need some help/advice on what to do/buy. I've just managed to purchase a single grill-shaped bumper for £26 but still need to buy all the other things required, bonnet, grill etc. Any help would be appreciated, especially if you know anywhere where I can buy parts from at a good price.
    Thanks, Tanya
    Hi there.. I was jus wondering if that was an sline bumper or an s3 bumper u have on that akoya silver a3? An what year of a bumper it is also as I am lookin to do a conversion aswell u done an brilliant job of that 1!
    Hi Matt
    Thanks for getting back to me, I've arranged for Nigel to come an fit a few bits to the car so hopefully he'll be able to fit me some rear lights then too. Thanks for offering to help out though.

    Hi Matt,

    I have recently obtained a 2005 single grill front end for my 2004 double grill i still need to replace the side reinforcement bar or is that a just a requirement for a s-line type mod?


    Hi there, been viewing your old threads, can you do a preface lift conversion to a face lift s line??? I have the audi 05 Akoya model 2L tdi. If you can do, how much will it cost??
    Hi Matt,
    you still offering to install the cruise control units on the A3??
    Let me know mate.
    Hi Matt, hope things are ok, given the weather etc. I'm going to have a go at fitting cruise and coming home lights to my 05 SB this Wednesday. If by some miracla the car still runs is there any chance you could code it for me.


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