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  1. S3118

    S3118 Registered User

    hi.iv been useing zaino pollish for the last few months with great results any one else got exspierence of this product..
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  3. the_cueball

    the_cueball Registered User

    I used to use it quite a bit, moved away from it now as there was a bit of faffing about with it..

    However, 3 coats of ZFX'd Z2 with Z6 and Z8 always looked good on my silver cars.

    I still use their Z18 clay and Z16 tyre gloss and sometimes still like to use their leather cleaning products.

    but as a finishing system, as I say, there is too much work for me when I can now have the same finish from waxes and longer lasting sealants.

    anyway, as I'm a picture whore, here is my old XKR with the full Zaino system on it...



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