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Yeaaaaaah baby!!!

A-Rod Aug 5, 2018

  1. A-Rod

    A-Rod New Member

    Hi guys, new member - thanks in advance for the warm welcomes!

    I'm coming from a late e60 5 series M Sport saloon that I had to replace as it is no longer practical for a family of four - under 30 myself with 2x under two year olds at the back.

    I didn't want a car that would make me look like an old dad aka V70 owner (apologies), however I wanted something with a big engine and somewhat unique and an estate too, now of course I couldn't go for an RS4 or an RS6 as I cover 26k+ miles a year and unless you want to see your car depreciate in value then it's a no. Guess what I bought... a 2008 A6 Allroad 3.0 V6 TDi that is damn unique as I'm yet to see a single one on the road - maybe I'm not looking the right place and they're all off road?

    It is spacious and is by far top of the range - actually feels more premium than my 5 series. I've spent around 4 months researching and looking for an estate Audi. Had an opportunity to drive a friend's 2012 A4 S Line Avant for 3 months whilst he was away and didn't like it at all. Also read about the airbags leaking in the air suspensions so fingers crossed mine is ok.

    Had it for two days now and I love it. The ride is smooth. It feels big. The V6 sound is great. I don't do much off road but occasionally go on grass (not weed) or uneven tarmac. Anyways, love the car.

    The problems so far:

    1x front far left parking sensors isn't ticking so need to replace it. Will look for one online. I hear it's an easy DIY and I don't even need to undo the front bumper. True?

    Front end has a somewhat knocking noise when driving 5mph - 10mph on uneven tarmac, e.g. road with a few imperfections. If I drive faster then there's no noise. Suspension is fine. Read on this forum that someone had the same issue and they replaced half of the front end, yet the problem was with the bonnet hinges. Anyone else can relate?

    I think this is it problem wise, everything else is top notch!
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  3. Pee Jam

    Pee Jam New Member

    Hi and welcome. I'm a new comer to this forum too. Not many people responded to my 'hello' post, might have been in the wrong place but thought it would have generated more replies then it got! :)

    On previous cars of various makes that I have had the pleasure to own, a noise like that has tended to be anti roll bar drop links or bushes.
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  4. A-Rod

    A-Rod New Member

    Thanks for the advice and welcome go the forums lol.

    I'll ensure to check the bushes / anti roll bars as I'm not convinced that it is the hinges of my bonnet.
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  5. THQuattro

    THQuattro Site Sponsor Site Sponsor Team Avus Silver Team Panther Team V8 Team V6 Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Team Silver S-line owners group Audi RS4 saloon Audi S4 quattro Audi A4 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group Manual

    Welcome to both of you.
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  6. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Platinum Supporter S tronic Audi Main Dealer


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