Wing mirrors


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Don't know if my mirrors are standard they are chrome but they seem to have a blue mirror and I can't see jack when it's dark. Is there a colour coded surround and normal mirror I can buy. My car colour is silver.


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You mean you have a blue tinted glass? You can buy standard ones to replace.


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Yeah I've always wondered this - my pre-facelift 8L S3 had the blue tinted mirror glass (car came with body colour mirrors) but my facelift 8L S3 has clear glass mirrors (car came with aluminium mirrors from factory). Put luck which ones you get I guess!


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My mirror housing is body colour and then blue driver side glass and normal passenger side.


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mine are factory chrome mirror covers and smoked glass.

i need a new drivers side glass as heated part isn't working,
and they listed i think 32 different mirror glass for the a3/s3 8l at tps