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Why so many owners on used S3's?

robsy May 18, 2020

  1. robsy

    robsy New Member

    I've been keeping a very close eye on the used S3 market as once all this covid stuff is over I'll be looking to buy. I've noticed that there are a hell of a lot of 3 to 4 year old cars with 3 or 4 previous owners. Is this normal for newish cars now? I realise with leasing and rental that people may only have the car 2 years from New but then it means others are keeping these cars less than a year. That seems crazy to me, but I have had my current Celica gt4 for 9 years so I do tend to keep cars long term
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  3. SaraS3

    SaraS3 Active Member

    Hi, I bought a pre registered 19 reg and only kept it a few months. It had around 2,000 miles on when I part ex'd it.
    I just didn't gel with it and went back to Mercedes. So that car with only 2,000 miles on would have had two owners for the next buyer. I don't usually keep cars long but that was shorter than usual because I just didn't like it.
    The low miles and 2 owners made it look a bit dodgy but it was immaculate, just not for me.
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