Why so many owners on used S3's?


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I've been keeping a very close eye on the used S3 market as once all this covid stuff is over I'll be looking to buy. I've noticed that there are a hell of a lot of 3 to 4 year old cars with 3 or 4 previous owners. Is this normal for newish cars now? I realise with leasing and rental that people may only have the car 2 years from New but then it means others are keeping these cars less than a year. That seems crazy to me, but I have had my current Celica gt4 for 9 years so I do tend to keep cars long term


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Hi, I bought a pre registered 19 reg and only kept it a few months. It had around 2,000 miles on when I part ex'd it.
I just didn't gel with it and went back to Mercedes. So that car with only 2,000 miles on would have had two owners for the next buyer. I don't usually keep cars long but that was shorter than usual because I just didn't like it.
The low miles and 2 owners made it look a bit dodgy but it was immaculate, just not for me.


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Because it’s really the smart choice with high acceleration and high quality manufacturing and for me i think Audi cars never get old, i rented an 2019 S3 once when i was on a vacation to Odessa, Ukraine, i rented it for low price on https://narscars.com.ua/en/kharkov-r1 and driving it was the most interesting than other cars even with higher quality steering and powerful engine and i loved the engine powerful sound the most and that’s why i decided to buy one when i go back home and i did, now i have it for almost year and still running great, lately i installed new 20’’ rims and new exhaust.
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Not sure what the running costs are, but I certainly find with anything that I’ve owned especially yank muscle, they tend to be high owner cars. Not sure if it’s down to fuel cost, parts , insurance or whatever, a lot of people seem to try and kid themselves they can afford to run them and maintain them. Trouble is they can generate some pretty large garage bills when they start to go wrong. And they get off loaded.
I’ve just done the same, had a vxr8 for 9 months. 14 mpg, £570 to tax, not a problem as I get picked up and dropped off in works van. I spent about £1200 in 6 months on it and there were some big bills to come, so I moved it on