Why might my S3 be smelling of petrol pretty much all the time?


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Hi guys,

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that there was a smell of petrol coming through the vents on in the S3. It was only occasionally and seemed to happen after any type of driving, not just after being driven hard or anything.

Now though, it's pretty much smelling every journey I make. And with the recent weather, having the windows open is becoming a pain as the smell is sometimes overpowering.

I've checked for any apparent leaks of any sort and can't see anything. Is there any particular factors that should be considered when a smell of petrol is lingering?



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I had the same issue with an a6 1.8t, I looked under the car, it turns out the hose on the petrol filter was leaking, not visible all the time, as I took it to a garage and they could not spot it, the hose iner part was all rotten, so just cut it a bit and put a new clip on it, and the leak stopped. hope this helps


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Check out your Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Charcoal Canister

I had the same issue, turned out to be a perished hose, next to the coolant tank.



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I had this and the fix was unbelieveable easy.

Under the rear bench there are two service hatches to get to the petrol tank both removed with about 3 screws I think, under each one of these (or at least one anywaay) is like a screw on cap to the top of the tank, one of mine had worked its way loose and I had petrol sitting on top of the tank. My mechanic tightened it up by hand mopped up the excess petrol witha rag and I have never had the problem since.



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Thanks very much for your responses... I will check all of these things to see if I can spot anything. Hopefully one of your answers will be the solution!