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Why Have 2 When You Can Have 3?

gupsterg Aug 19, 2014

  1. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member

    Hi peeps,

    One day when googling around came across this Link:- http://www.audi-me.com/me/brand/en/service/audi_genuine_parts/A6/comfort___protection/4.html

    And this Link:- http://a6retrofit.com/audi-a6-4f-heated-washer-jets-with-3-beams-retrofit/

    So now time to get 3 instead having 2!

    For peeps who don't how the MY thing works my car is production year 2005 which means model year 2006 = MY06 and was first registration in 2005. Cars produced 2006 = MY07 so they plus later ones should as standard have 3 jets.

    This upgrade can be also done to A4 & A8 models specified in Audi website link.
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