Where abouts are you?


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from haywards heath, between gatwick and brighton, and home to QST tuning. Anyone used QST?


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no, have only just got my audi a4 with snapped cam belt, so i need to replace engine first, just trying to get ideas together, a mate knows someone that works there so might try approaching them, have asked them a favour in a past and they were less than helpful. but i can't use that as experience really. not sure if they would be interested in a 1.8T entering their domain.

am planning to go down garrett turbo route in the near future once the cars up and running, but rather put a kit together more myself than buy expensive kit from USA. wanted to speak to some people that have maybe had experience of tuning these cars a bit more. also need someone to custom map it afterwards, this is where QST maybe able to help in a big way, especially as i live about a mile away from them.


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Is there any meets that any-one goes to here on a weekend? Only 1 i know of is Guildford and its pretty **** most weeks...



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borehamwood j22 m25, and up for a meet


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Jason_letts said:
Is there any meets that any-one goes to here on a weekend? Only 1 i know of is Guildford and its pretty **** most weeks...


No rice meet every 2nd wednesday of the month at fleet services, not at a weekend but its VAG only
Just moved from south east Kent -near Margate.

Luckliy still a south east boy, but now south east Essex.

Benfleet near Basilildon - A13 Sadlers Farm.


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Hernia Bay, Kent

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I'm currently in Ipswich (East Anglia).

Just to add that I occasionally travel up north to Newcastle for bank holiday weekends and Christmas holidays. So some occasions I could make it to the Newcastle meets should there be any arrangements.


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Have now moved to Whitstable...


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Slick S3 said:
junction 23 M25 or junction 4 M1. London Borough of Barnet. :blackrs4:

Another Barnet boy!!!..opps I'am hertfordshire now...BUT only down the road

There is a Herts Meet see thread 11/3/07 @12.00 stevenage services


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im in west london ish not many on this forum from here though...
would be cool to do a meet around there


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catford/bromley is were im from!
ill be there at flamingo park if its still on?
were bouts in catford u from DOCURLY?
i work in catford and have never seen ur car?


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stoakseya4 said:
Hernia Bay, Kent

I grew up there - folks are still there and i visit every once in a while (it'll never change - XR3i's down the seafront at the weekend :racer: )

I've just moved out of South west london to epsom - so are we going to sort out a meet then? - there must be about 20 of us by now?


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i am up for a meet, i'm based near gatwick so south part of m25 is good, but can go furthur if needed.


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J29 M25, Basildon in Essex.

Any meets arranged at all?


From High Wyconbe jct 5 m40 (bucks)


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Im in essex near gt dunmow!?..anyone near me??


In Brighton on the South coast.


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i'm from ramsgate kent. as far south and east as you can go.


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Hi there guys,
I'm just by LHR
Looking 4ward to a meet around the London area.


essex boy :)
m25 junction 26 loughton!
any1 else from around here?