weird noise in boot


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ive a weird buzzing noise in my boot when the headlights are on! if i turn the lights off the buzzing noise disappears. it somewhere behind the right light, behind the inner boot trim. any ideas what it could be?!?

its a 57 plate a3 s-line sportback


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I believe that in the boot, behind the trim somewhere, is an audio amplifier and a bass speaker. Could it be an electrical interference between the headlamp circuits and the audio circuits? If so, it is most likely to be a grounding problem, or there is a bad connection (arcing) in the headlamp electrics. Does it still buzz when the radio is turned off' That would give a clue. Good luck.


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well, i took it to elvis my mechanic (yep, really, elvis). what i didnt know is, a past owner had a towbar on it and all the electrics are still there. theres a module for the trailer lights and thats started buzzing when lights are on. he pulled the fuse,tested lights and problems gone.