Weird ignition problem !!!


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Jul 16, 2016
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Hi guys
Got a 1.9tdi b6 and I have a strange problem that only occurs when I try to start it for the 1st time on a morning, rest of the day it’s perfect.....
I put the key in the ignition turn it on, everything lights up but nothing happens when I try to start it...,total silence. If I hold the key in the start position it starts after 6 or 7 seconds, then for the rest of the day it starts perfectly, the following morning it happens again !!! Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance
Solenoid on the starter motor sticking? My S4 has the same issue, usually in colder mornings will take about 5 seconds to do anything, then after that is fine. Why it only does it first thing in the.morning I'm not sure? Last winter when the temperature was about minus 5 it took about 10 minutes of trying and swearing at it to get it to go. It's on my list to get done but doesn't look that easy on the v8

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