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TT Quattro front axle bolts

spanners55 Feb 10, 2020

  1. spanners55

    spanners55 Registered User

    Can anyone help resolving a few part number and torque setting questions please? TT 170HP sport quattro 2 ltr TD 125 kw CFGB 8j30t9 1BA standard suspension (I'm replacing springs with Audi standard plus upper strut bearings etc etc and other worn bits due to one side spring breaking)

    Re; Front drive shaft axle bolt p/n I know this subject is well documented in many forums (other than the p/n) and in the -2007 on manual. The serrated / ribbed collar face type bolt shown below with no Loctite (that my car has M16 x 1.5 70mm ) Is torqued up to 70Nm then 90 degrees when wheels on the ground. This bolt is a 10.9 tensile strength. It's not made to stretch much.

    I don't have access to elsawin ekta does anybody know the part number for this bolt or am I out of luck and it is superseded by the type with a smooth underside collar that you have to torque to a 200Nm plus 180 degrees. Which is 3/4 drive stuff and a long tube. Getting the original off was a pig, with me bouncing up and down like Zebedee to no avail, in the end I used a 3/4 deep impact socket - 3/4 to 1/2 inch impact reducer and large DeWalt impact gun on it and it wizzed off.

    I would far prefer to fit the type of bolt that was on there, rather than the smooth type and try and achieve 200 plus 180 degrees.
    Anybody have the p/n for this type below with the ribs on it?
    m12 1.5  70   10.9  ribbed collar.JPG

    The only type I can see p/n for is this one below WHT005437 which is an 8.8 tensile strength bolt, explaining the higher torque and additional 180 degree
    WHT005437 m12 1.5  70  8.8.JPG

    I will be re connecting the aluminium tie arm ball joint to aluminium bearing housing nut and replacing the control arm to bearing housing nut. (both nuts are m12 x 1.5 but the tie rod ball joint nut has a 21mm socket size ( can't find a p/n for that nut yet? it seems illusive. The other nut came with the new ball joint and is 18mm. ( I know the camber and tracking will need checking)

    ? The Audi 2007 > manual I'm looking at says 20Nm plus 90 degrees for both front ball joint nuts, but does not mention if this is for the steel type bearing and tie end type or aluminium. In many manuals it mentions if aluminium the ball joint torque settings are higher. I'm conscious the manual I have access is may not necessarily be correct so I'm double checking everything.

    Can anybody confirm the torque settings for the ball joint nuts with an aluminium bearing housing and tie rod ends ?
    Any thoughts appreciated thanks

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