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Hello there folks. Any of you from the TT forum may recognise my username. I'm over on here now aswell to broaden my horizons....

Heres a couple of pics

spec wise she started life in my hands as a badlt mapped 225. I have nursed her to health and after a fmic, a neuspeed filter, a decat and a good wak map she was running 290bhp. I say was as i blew her up last week, well knackered 2 pistons. I will be doing a 2.0 stroker build with hybrid k04 once i get the parts sourced. I'll of course be offering a build thread foe anyone interested.

Thanks for looking, Bryn


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Hi Bryn,

Used to be on the TT forum - had a Mk1 (Still the best on the eye imho!) as per my signature.
Just got a convertible S4 so the 344bhp V8 is one lovely step up I have to say! will be looking for your build thread when it starts.

Good luck!


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I've just commuted over from the TT forum too :)
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