TT MK1 2003 Clocks stopped working/RED OIL LIGHT


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Hi guys,

so i have a MK1 TT 150 fwd roadster

had been sat for a week in the rain while i was working away, came back to it and when i started it the clocks were dead, central computer on but not responsive and not reading temps

drove and after about 1mile all was fine

the next day (yesterday) was the same all day, clocks came on for about 30 seconds then stopped again, then at one point the red oil light started flashing but went off again, then the fans we're on all the time.

today, was perfect this morning, went to use in the afternoon and clocks dead again, central computer on but not responsive from the stalk and not reading temperatures, fans havent come on this time, but noticed after a while of driving every time i go to idle the red oil light flashes on computer then goes off again

i have checked coolant and oil and all looks good, i did stop by at an auto electrician yesterday and he said its just the cluster that needs refurbing and that would explain the fans and the oil light

im more concerned about this oil light? usually i would stop driving at that point but the fact the clocks are broken and the car drives fine i have continued.

wondering if it is common for the oil light to flash like that when the clocks have broken or do i have 2 faults that have come at the same time


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Send in to be refurbed, they're known to go faulty tbh.