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Towbar Warning Light

PRo May 29, 2018

  1. PRo

    PRo New Member


    I have a 07 A6 Allroad with the OEM retracting tow bar. Since I purchased the car three years ago, the tow bar warning light has been illuminated. The hitch folds out and locks, retracts and locks but still the warning light illuminates. At every service and MOT I have asked the dealer to repair it but they have never managed it. I have tried checking the wiring and lubricating the mechanism and contacts but to no avail. It's now failed the MOT due to the dashboard warning light. I have VCDS, is it possible to de activate the light or the controller for the tow bar or trailer. I dont use the tow bar. If it is possible, would someone be able to post a simple guide please.


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