Top Gear Hot Hatchs Sunday night


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Anyone see TG this Sunday? Thought it was a real shame the new RS3 was not in there alongside the RS500 & that crazy Volvo. Boy did the Ovlov sound sweet!!!



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It was probably filmed a few weeks ago, so the RS3 isn't even out yet!

£50k for that scoobydoo is too much, RS 500 is easily the one to own. Volvo will never make it to production, it's not 'Safe' enough! lol


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Yeh the RS3 would of slotted in nicely. Cheaper than the scoob and I bet it would give them a run for their monies.


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Focus RS500 out of the three for me.

Mind you I would rather take a normal FRS, have it wrapped and get my mates 400bhp conversion and then go on holiday with the money left over from not getting the 500


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I would have loved to have seen the two Cossies go round the track.


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I would have had the volvo, what a car! If only they would see if they put that into production they would open up a whole new market in the form of younger hot hatch enthusiasts!
Wouldn't have the scoob and definitely not a fan of the focus with fwd :-S
Rs3 would have suited nicely though how much you reckon they'd rip it apart for being boring or lacking feel or some other bs?! lol


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Top Gear weren't entirely clear why they're not putting the Volvo into production - the thing costs them £100k.

it's a nice car, but i'm not paying £100k for a hot hatch, and i'm certainly not paying it for a Volvo.