Thinking of buying a 1.8 TFSI

So I've been looking for an upgrade on my 8P A3, and found a 1.8TFSI S-Tronic. My current car is a diesel and really miss the petrol engine noises. I was just wondering if with a few mods I could make the 1.8 TFSI pop and bang during gear changes.

It's really nice car, S-Tronic, Quattro, Sat-nav, Bang & Olufsen speakers etc... It would be perfect if its possible to get the pops and bangs too.


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Get the 2.0 TFSI!! But in all honesty that sounds like a lovely car.


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I have a 1.8 tfsi and there aren't any pops and bangs unfortunately, probably would with a res delete though. However I find it's plenty fast enough and makes a lovely noise when you put your foot down. I can find the s-tronic to be a bit jerky sometimes, but I've not had the car long so I'm not that used to it. My first automatic car. The s-tronic is a thing of beauty for the gear changes though, it's so fast.


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The 2.0tfsi gets you a sporty sound. I’ve had the 1.8 and it sounds weak too. You can very likely get a pops and bangs remap to make it do it though.