Thinking About a New(er) Car (from 8L A3)


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Hi everyone,

Having one of those Sundays where I suddenly want a different car. I do this most weeks, nothing wrong with my 8L, in fact it's too capable, it does everything well. It doesn't blow me away, but I'm getting a bit older and think buying a fun weekend car might be a good idea and keep the A3 for daily duties as not many other cars can do 35-40mpg, 8 seconds to 60mph, can fit so much in the boot with the seats down (7ft Xmas tree/table chairs/moved house recently/sofa!! for instance) comfy on the motorway, decent on back roads, looks good (IMO) etc etc..all for a grand to buy!!!

Now then, I haven't had lots of cars in my time but the ones I've had have been great. Two Austin Minis, two Mk2 Escorts and a Honda CRX (mk2) and a few bikes, and now the Audi.

I have a wife that doesn't like going fast so that's why my Fuelly gauge (see below) is always high ;) She wants a 1 Series (probs a remapped 120d)...but doesn't drive...and if you put me back in an RWD car she'll soon want the Audi back. She did like going sideways in the Escort mind, oh and I have a baby on the way so something a little practical is needed 5dr etc. I would like to sometime own a V6, V8, turbo V6, Boxer, amother screaming 4 (Honda etc) engine sometime in my life (if petrol is only going to get more expensive, then now is the time for the big cc engines...).

Anyway, on my shortlist:

- B5 S4 that would be remapped, KO4 turbos, RS4 bits and bobs - no point in buying an RS4 for £10k when S4s are £3-4k such as Used 1998 Audi S4 S4 QUATTRO for sale in Leicestershire | Pistonheads but I'd prefer an estate (for some reason).
- Used 2002 Volkswagen Golf Mk3, Mk4 V6 (204BHP) 4MOTION for sale in Cornwall | Pistonheads 4Motion or R32 Golf...would prefer a 5dr.
- Used 2004 Seat Leon Cupra 20V CUPRA R for sale in West Yorkshire | Pistonheads This LCR is looking like a great buy - anyone with first-hand knowledge? Not much different to an S3 surely, but more practical and better looking IMO and no hefty 4wd! Brembos too!
- Used 2005 Mitsubishi Evo IV - VI for sale in Blackburn | Pistonheads Driven an EVO8/9 360 and was deeply impressed. Drove it back to back with a Scoob and it wiped the floor with it, but sounded crap.
- That said...Used 1999 Subaru Impreza TURBO RB5 for sale in Warwickshire | Pistonheads the warble, the collectors' item, the fact Burns was my favourite after McCrae.
- Used 2003 Nissan 350Z V6 for sale in Greater London | Pistonheads This is high on the list when my baby gets older. Shame it's a Nissan/Datsun. Feel spoilt having an Audi.

If I keep the A3 or get an A4 then I will get a kit car/bike engined something/ZCars Mini, but if not, then something from the above would be cool. Can you think of any others apart from the above?

(ps.I will change my mind by tomorrow and want something else, but it could be fun to hear what others think would be good or have had experience with)