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The day my car scared me.......

imported_tobycruse Nov 16, 2005

  1. I was driving along the motorway in my 2.0 FSI when i decided to overtake the car in front. I changed from 6th to 5th and planted my foot on the floor. All was going well when suddenly all the power went from the engine, it felt like i had taken my foot off the pedel but it was still planted to the floor!! I started to worry as all i saw was the revs dropping and so was my speed. About 10 seconds later the power suddenly came back. This has not been the first time this has happened and the car is booked in to be looked at.

    Has anyone else had this problem???

    The only modifications i have done to the car are the powerflow exhaust and the k&n air filter, could either of these be causing the problem???

    Any help would be very useful at this point.
  2. johnmv55

    johnmv55 Member

    The car is fly by wire, if you apply or touch the brake pedal activating the brake lights for about 1.5 secs the cars ECU will close the throttle, It takes about 5 or so secs to re-open it, maybe you have a faulty brake light switch?

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