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Taking the risk and retrofitting BOSE after other upgrades has anyone done it?

Troubs12 Apr 1, 2010

  1. Troubs12

    Troubs12 Registered User

    hey all i got my humble little 1.9 tdi sport a while ago now and can not fault it at all barring the obvious two mass, tandum pomp, start motor (delay in starting when hot) and other such things i felt the need to play i wanted to upgrade to the rns-e unit but only had the single din dash with a after market head unit in so after a bit o research on here i found a guide to overcome that problem and converted the iso connector to a quadlock via CFD's and now have a nice two din concert unit in with ipod/iphone connection from a golf 5 in the glovebox untill i can get the rns-e tho while saving i've come across things on the bay like full s line suspension so after upgrading the hubs and brakes to a 2.0 setup (hubs are 5mm bigger) to get the shocks to fit ive got a nice ride hight and a firm ride beauitful however i got in my brother in laws new A5 the other day with bose and thought i want one of these systems so today i bought a full system and fingers crossed it'll go in alright couple of wires here and there going by ELSA wish me luck has anyone done it?
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  3. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Not that I am aware of, pretty much everyone in a similar situation would have gone after market.

    The Bose system does have different wiring to a stock setup as all 6 speakers (Front L+R Rear L+R Sub and Centre) are run from an amp in the boot (behind right hand panel in the boot). The non-Bose setup runs the fronts from the HU and rears and sub from an amp in the sub box (behind left panel in the boot).

    Personally in your situation I'd run the OEM sat nav into an after market setup using one of the processing units available these days (such as the Alpine Imprint) with replacement amps, speakers and sub.

  4. Troubs12

    Troubs12 Registered User

    Yeah I see what you mean but as I've already bought the Bose setup and work on the things day in day out I'm pretty familiar with the wiring looking at the wiring diagrams in theory all it should take is knocking up a loom and popping it in well after pulling most of the panels in the thing out ha ha I trying to achive the highest spec possible with genuine equipment
  5. sipod

    sipod Registered User

    Please take plenty of photos and start a WIKI of your progress :icon_thumright:

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