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Suspension Fault NSR airbag exploded twice

mikeunsworth Jul 16, 2018

  1. mikeunsworth

    mikeunsworth Registered User

    I have a 2002 allroad a6 c5. Air suspension would not lift at all when I first purchased the vehicle, put code reader on and found the following fault codes: 1400 ride height leveling, 1577 compressor shut down due to excess temp, cleared the fault codes but suspension still would not go up. Left it running for awhile and NSF,NSR and OSR all lifted but no luck with the OSF. Used a compressor repair kit and jacked the car up and managed to get all four corners to rise to level 4. Left it in Jack mode for a week as not being used, car did not sink at all. Replaced air bag on OSF as there was a leak and level sensor had a permanent fault so replaced this and all faults cleared. It would not manually lower to any level. The light on the up and down panel was flashing the lowest led, also had the flashing light with spanner on it. I went inside for half an hour to research why it wouldn't lower the car was not running and the keys were not in the ignition. Then all of a sudden BANG, ran outside and the NSR airbag had exploded. Purchased another airbag to replace this, fitted this to the car, started the car airbag inflated, turned off the ignition and removed the keys. 10 mintues later BANG same airbag exploded again.

    Please has anyone got any ideas on why this would happen


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  3. amiram

    amiram A6 C5 Allroad 2.5L TDI Tip Still on air :)

    Do you have a VCD'S or any other VAG diagnostic tool?

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