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Start up problem with Start-Stop system and parking brake auto release

Ewan Pumford Dec 4, 2018

  1. Ewan Pumford

    Ewan Pumford New Member

    Apologies for the long post but it's a fairly specific problem that no-one at Audi seems to be able to help with:

    - Every time I try and start the car from cold the car never starts on the first press of the Start/Stop button (clutch pedal is depressed).
    - All the electrics come on but the engine does not turn over
    - The car will always start on a second press of the start/stop button (clutch pedal depressed) but then an error message appears on the dash' that says "Start-stop system: system fault. Function unavailable". Each time you press the "A OFF" button just below the SD1 slot (i.e. the button to turn the start-stop system on and off) you get the same error.
    - Also the Parking Brake auto release system doesn't work (the "A" button under the parking brake button will not come on no matter how many times you press it and you get another error message on the dash' saying "Parking brake auto release not available".
    - If you turn the car off at this point and then try to start it everything works fine; the car starts first time with no error messages and both the "A OFF" start-stop system, and "A" parking brake auto release works.
    - If you leave the car for 10 minutes and try to start it the same problem reappears - it's almost as if there's something in the startup sequence that is stopping it turning the engine over when it's cold and then causing the two faults.

    What I ususally have to do to make things work is the following:

    - Press start/stop (without the clutch depressed) so all the electrics fire up
    - Press start/stop again (without the clutch depressed), which performs a partial shutdown (some of the electrics stay on)
    - Press start/stop again (this time with the clutch depressed) - car starts and everything works as it should without error messages.

    There are no error codes when you connect it to the VAG diagnostics.

    Anyone any ideas???
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. MrJolly

    MrJolly New Member

    Sounds like low battery voltage to me. On my A4 after a long drive the stop/start always worked and although a push in key, it showed some of the same issue as yours. How old’s the battery?
  4. Ewan Pumford

    Ewan Pumford New Member

    Thanks Mr Jolly - no idea how old the battery is I'm afraid - I've only had the car a year but it's a 62 plate, so it could be 6 years old...

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