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Standard Fit Rear Parking Sensors & Bluetooth - Questions

Craig-P Nov 6, 2015

  1. Craig-P

    Craig-P Registered User


    I have a early 2009 S3 and it has what I believe to be standard fit rear parking sensors, However the volume doesn't adjust when reversing (goes quieter) is this normal or should it adjust..? Also no distance display or anything comes up on the DIS or through the head unit again is this normal or should it..?

    It's just literally a beeping warning which changes pitch the closer you get to an object...

    Also does anyone have or had issue's with the standard fit Bluetooth..?

    Mine has a mind of it's own and is ****, Random phone calls appearing through the head unit giving me the option to answer or decline etc either though on my phone no one is calling, The first person in my contacts often also appears in the DIS as if your receiving a call of them but again my phone is locked with nothing going on....

    Thanks for your help
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  3. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Are the sensors flush fit or surface mounted. The dealer fit ones are larger and surface mounted and are activated from the reverse wire, therefore you have no can bus control of them.
    The factory ones are flush fitting and smaller on the face lift 8P and also do have adjustability etc in the dis. The volume of the stereo also mutes slightly. No visual display though unless you have front and rear pdc and the later rnse.
    Never had any of those issues with the factory bluetooth!
  4. Craig-P

    Craig-P Registered User

    They are very small flush fit one's so they appear to be factory fit.

    I have seen you can adjust the volume of them in the DIS but nothing else..?

    I'll post some pic's up of what's happening with my bluetooth and it may make it easier to understand....

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