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Hey Guys

Quick Query Regarding Car Cleaning Products.

My mate accidently spilt some coke in the back seats, i have a horrible stain there now :(

is there any products i can use to get rid off... Dosent Matter How Expensive?

Thanks Guys

You might want to try Turtle Wax Interior 1 upholstery cleaner. Got it from Halfords for £5.49. A week ago I collected my 2002 Bora ST TDI which was previously owned by a smoker. While the interior is remarkably free of cigarette burns, as a non-smoker the car absolutely stunk - my first drive to work in the car last Monday was unbearable! Even in 3C early morning conditions on my daily drive into London I had the windows down.

The smell eased in the week - leaving the windows half down while parked at the office helped - but this weekend I tackled the interior properly with Turtle Wax Interior 1 upholstery cleaner:


Basically, it's an aerosol that sprays a wide pattern of foam over upholstery. It looks a bit like snow as it comes out, and flies everywhere. You use the soft brush at the top to work it in to the fabric and any stains. After hoovering the whole car thoroughly, I used this everywhere - headlining as well as carpets and seats - before hoovering it again. The amount of dirt in the brush afterwards was surprising. What's great though is that it seems to deodorise the car as well as cleaning out the dirt, and even with a new air freshener added to the car afterwards, when you open the car door it's the Turtle Wax you can smell. Quite a nice scent too, and there's still plenty left so it could probably handle a second car.

Avoid getting it on plastics however because it dries with a stain and it's sticky to touch. Easy to clean off though - just use it first before you clean any plastics.

Must add I don't work for Turtle Wax or Halfords (!) but this is worth a look if your interior is a bit manky!


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It may be overkill but if your seats are fabric you could hire a Rug Doctor. I used one of these on the sofa after the cat was sick on it leaving a stain that just looked worse when I used standard cleaning products. After the fabric dried it came out looking and smelling like new.


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In the first instance we would suggest a colloidal based cleaner, as these are ultra mild and entirely safe even on the most delicate of modern interior materials. 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is an excellent choice, and can be purchased in a handy sample size too. Please see the full product description on this link for more details and usage instructions...