Springs vs Coilovers (And what springs)..?

Ranj S3

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I'm wanting to lower my S3 8V FL.

I don't think I need to get coil overs, given I don't ever take my car on track or really hammer it often.

I do want it lower for aesthetic and handling reasons. I want the car to feel more planted, I'm planning on getting F&R anti roll bars too.

However for now, could somone advice what the best lowering springs are?

Racing Line vs Eibach Vs M&S ???


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I think the general consensus is the Eibach Pro kit is excellent if you only want a smallish drop over your S3 stance (around 10mm), and the one I may opt for myself.

There are plenty of existing threads discussing the merits of the various brands - the search engine is really useful to retrieve them.

In my experience, coilovers, personally are the best for ultimate handling and height adjustability. However you need to spend big money with adjustable dampers and preloading to get it right. Buying a £500 coilover kit can often give give a ride harder than the moon. I've been there and done it..I once had £2000 KW coilovers on my Subaru and it was like having comfort, performance and a low stance all in one, unbelievable suspension, like treacle, but cost a 1/5th of the car!