SQ5 Special destinations (poi's) in audi connect


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Hi Gents,
Im new here having just taken delivery of my 2017 SQ5 plus special edition.
I've been looking at a post on the A4 forum regards special destinations within audi connect.
I was intending on uploading the poi's for speed cameras as stated on that forum as well as other poi's. I Paid my subscription to pocket gps world and downloaded the file. so far so good.
I've logged into my audi connect account and special destinations isn't one of the services.
it on;y gives me traffic info, destination from google maps and destination from my audi.
I ran customer services and was told after some considerable time, that is was due to this not being specified at build.
Now i would assume that because it can accept a destination uploaded from my audi, that it should also be capable of uploading poi's. I told them i wanted to be able to upload caravan club sites.
Am i being fobbed off, or is this the case.
The car has Telephone and communications Phone prep - High with Connect and the Bang and olufsen system.
Do any of you guys have special destinations, and the ability to upload them to the car. Your help would be truly appreciated.