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Sorry but quick tyre question

Riko0073 Mar 18, 2020

  1. Riko0073

    Riko0073 Registered User

    Hi guys

    So I’ve read quite a few posts about tyres and I’m definitely looking at changing the OE Pirelli’s to Michellin Pilot’s.

    Question is, can I still order these and keep the staggered set-up as I see most have gone to a square set-up?

    What’s the benefit of moving to a square rather than staggered? I thought the latter was to help with oversteer?

    I’d rather keep staggered so presume there’s no issue with ordering the same size as I’m running on the staggered Pirelli’s with the Michelin’s?

    Thanks for any guidance.
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  3. Bonstio

    Bonstio Registered User

    Interested in the same now that I've totally hosed a pair of Pirellis on track. I had assumed staggered with Michelins too...

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  4. wuta3

    wuta3 Registered User

    I'm on square, but you can go staggered on the same wheels. Im running 235 all round.

    I have not run staggered Michellin, but I am happy with my square setup. I think it depends what you're doing, I find the day-to-day handling on the MPS vs Pirelli much much better, how much of that is down to square vs staggered, I don't know.

    Keep in mind the 235 Michellin, by all accounts are the same total usable width as the 255 Pirelli. The Michellin have a squarer side-wall.
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    RGBARGEE Registered User

    Anyone interested in a 235 19 AO - P Zero for S3 RS3 . New... sold car so not needed. Bargain to a good home. PM me Bristol area
  6. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Registered User

    MPS4 is one of the best tyres out there at the moment. I will definitely replace with the same when there due to change.
  7. L1ARR

    L1ARR Registered User

    Am looking for 2 front Pirelli P Zero 255 35 19 RO2 as an interim. My rears still have life in them and i won't do much mileage this year. Can't justify atm getting MPS4, so after an interim fix. If anyone has any spare with no canvass showing or sidewall damage or puncture repairs I would be interested.

  8. mangobay

    mangobay Registered User

    I switched last year to the Mich PS4S's on the same staggered sizes as the stock Pirellis and they have been great all round. I did get some initial odd traction control behavior when the car was cold (that i posted about last year) but the dealer ran a software update on my TC unit and it solved it. all perfect now. No reason to move away from staggered if you want to keep it, in my view.
  9. frank71RS3

    frank71RS3 Registered User

    So by now you've probably bought some tyres but I thought I'd chime in on this subject.
    Ive just had the Michelin PS4S' installed on mine and went for a semi staggered option. I say semi staggered as I went for 245/35's for the front instead of the 255/30's and kept with 235/35's on the rear. As I mentioned in another post the Michelin 255's looked way wider than the Pirelli's. Anyway, apart from a way smaller lip The 245's look similar in width on the rims to the OE 255's and seem right for the wheel. The rear 235's look wider than OE with a little bit of bulge (less lip too) but still look fine. It's only been a couple days and so far I've had some minor traction control flickering while exiting a roundabout. I expect that'll improve as the tyres wear in a bit. Overall I like the look of the Michelin's and look forward to pushing them hard soon :)
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