So S3 SB owners - I'm just wondering.....


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Apr 30, 2014
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Essex UK
.....what you use the space for under the boot floor, in front of the spare wheel. I've found it to be a bit of a nothing space really, and not really useable from the layout, nothing much - if anything - seems to fit in there.

Has anyone found a use for this space? I'm intrigued if you have as to what for.....!
I just keep small stuff round the spare. A couple of bin bags in case I want to put anything dirty in the car (eg plants from the garden centre), jump leads, bungee cords (not sure what they are for!), gloves for if I have to do anything dirty like change a wheel.
I have the factory fit towbar, and the ball unit fits neatly in place inside the spare wheel whith a velcro fastener - nice touch.
if you mean the foam things? in mine I have:

a couple of microfiber clothes
a spare pair of old glasses in case my contacts play up
ice scraper thingy
Ice scraper, various cloths and wipes, a Continental Mobility Kit, a rolled up old waterproof jacket, blue IKEA bag, etc..
It find it very useful :)

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