Q7 Service interval reset


58 Q7 3.0 tdi , 02 A3 1.9 tdi PD100

I have had my Q7 for about 7 months and have just carried out a service.

I can see that the service interval you check via the middle reads next due 11988 miles /. 448 days, however when you turn the ignition, the info screen in the dash says next service due in 18 days etc.

I not on the device history that the last Audi service (2 services ago) makes reference to long life service. The next service after this was at the car sales garage where I bought the car ( not Audi dealer)

So the question is....,after a service, how do you reset the service interval recorded via the Car/settings function of the MMI and how do I reset the service reminder showing up when I turn the ignition on.