Sat Nav Retrofit Scotland


2018 SQ5 Driver

I've been absent for a wee while now, sorry! Hope you are all well?

Myself and the GF just got our hands on a wee 2012 TTS in Volcano Red (surprisingly awesome colour, see attached, although it's more orangey in person)
and it has the 'sat nav' (properly in inverted commas!) MMI system without the bluetooth streaming and HDD.

Do you know of a place north of the border that installs Audi retrofits???

I jumped in to Skidz in Falkirk earlier and was tempted by the aftermarket route, but the prices online for the Audi system is only £100 more...



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That doesnt look to hard to fit. Could do it your self if you wanted to.


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Its easy to retrofit sat nav mate. I do it all the time and will need recoding with VCDS to ensure the unit knows exactly what extras your car has fitted