S6 wheel sizes


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hi all

Cars been delayed so I am going to keep amassing parts for when it gets here.

I want to change the rims on my car. It’s going to be lowered but not stupidly.

What size can I get away with and what off set ?

Will a 20x10 fit or is it too wide? I I assume I will need a 30mm offset?




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I have aftermarket 20"s on mine, with air suspension, lowered 15mm. the wheels are 9jx20 et 35 and for me they are just about bang on, fill the arches nicely (Audi original fitment 20"s are 8.5jx20 et 43)
Have seen a few S6 on the American forums with 10j and for me they stick out just too far, but its all down to personnel taste too.