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Help Please S4 Avant B8 stolen last night

***DK*** Aug 7, 2019

  1. ***DK***

    ***DK*** Registered User

    Just in case anyone sees it on auto trader and fancies buying it, I spotted my stolen car on eBay a few weeks ago and now on auto trader.

    Insurance confirmed it was recovered but didn't give any more info. Looks nice but I wouldn't want that back. Buyers beware.


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  3. Meemo

    Meemo Registered User

    Wow that is naughty, no mention of stolen and recovered on the sellers ad, and it passed the auto trader history check, that removes my trust in autotraders buyer protection.
  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Super Nintendo Chalmers Registered User

    That's not good. Would be worth checking the independent verification tools to see if it's registered stolen/recovered.

    @***DK*** sorry to hear about this, looks like a very good spec car. I hope you did OK out of the insurance.
  5. AudiUser01

    AudiUser01 Registered User

    My Boss had a nightmare theft last year where he did actually get both cars back but he wished he didn't.

    Thieves broke into his house completely destroying the frame of a sliding patio door. Ransacked the entire house, jewellery, games consoles and laptops taken. Police say that if he hadn't hidden the car keys so well he might not have had such extensive raiding of the house. Besides, his prized SQ7 and GLA45 were stolen.

    He did have trackers, and the cars were located in random residential streets 70 odd miles away. The cars were recovered and taken to police impound. (which he had to pay for) Police wouldn't let him have his cars back either as they wanted to carry out forensics. This took nearly 2 months! When he was finally told he could collect one of his cars, he had to get the train up there, then told not sure why he'd been sent down as it wasn't ready. This actually happened 3 times over that he went to collect and couldn't for some reason!

    Then the police for no reason at all had moved one of the cars to a different impound lot and they couldn't find it for a couple days. When he was able to take GLA home, he turned up and it had 3 flat tyres and a buckled rim. Had to get it towed home. (oh forgot to add that the police impound fees for the towing and storage between the two cars was nearly £1400 quid over 5 odd weeks. The inside of the GLA had had part of its air con controls ripped off and bad scratches / scuffs to the leather seats in the rear.

    The SQ7 took another 2 weeks to get back (7 weeks since it was stolen) constant phone calls to police, distrust about being told to come and get it after the messing around with the GLA, They had curbed 2 wheels, a fault with the adaptive dampers on the front, randomly damaged various controls on the dash and clearly had been reversed into something too (The insurance claim to fix the damages was over 16k!)

    He said if he hadn't had the trackers he would have been straight onto an insurance claim the next day. Instead he had a two month nightmare that cost him over £1400 quid in police towing and storage fees to get his own cars back and then a 16k!+ insurance claim on top. Let alone the damage and lost property at his home.

    Oh he also had a nightmare with the SQ7 finance during all of this. Once the finance company caught wind that the car was stolen they wanted payment in full. I'm not sure how that worked out but I know a he sold both cars shortly afterwards as he said they never felt the same anymore.

    His advise was don't bother with the tracker, If it gets stolen you don't want it back.
    At least from his experience anyways.
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  6. RyanJonS4

    RyanJonS4 Drive It Like You Stole It

    I’ve always said once it’s gone it’s gone, I don’t want it back! Fit a ghost to stop it going in the first place but even then they’d damage it trying to take it

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