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  1. jaypers777

    jaypers777 Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3

    Hi.....I’ve just popped over from the 8v A3/S3 forum :)

    Was curious on people’s experiences, if any, of the transition from an S3 to the new S4.

    My S3 is nearly 3 years old and had it from new. Absolutely love it. I’m not an insane driver or anything, but just love having a powerful/quick car when I need it etc. In no way bored with it yet, but considering making the move to the S4 over the next year or so. I like the idea of extra refinement and the V6 power plant etc.

    Option 2 is a used Aston Martin of some sort! Always a dream of mine, but not really practical and/or a daily driver.

    Any comments on this appreciated. TIA.
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  3. Thundercliffe81

    Thundercliffe81 Well-Known Member Team V8 Team Sepang Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Get the Aston.

    B9 S4 Avant owner.

    S4 would be a good next step if you decide to. But Aston would be far more involving/thrilling.

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  4. Riko0073

    Riko0073 Well-Known Member Sportback Team Nardo Audi RS3

    I came from a 2016 S3 Saloon and haven't regretted the move once.

    S4 is definitely a step up in quality, the interior is just such a nice place to be in.

    Performance wise much the same of the line but you can tell the S4 has bags more torque with that big V6....and what a lovely sound it makes, one thing that let the S3 down was the engine and exhaust note, although I think the face lift has addressed it slightly.

    I went for the Avant as needed the big boot so the S3 had to go for practicality reasons, can't knock the S3 as I did love it but the S4 just feels much more capable even in Avant form, especially with adjustable dampers and sport diff which I opted for. S3 felt very 'floaty' at speed but the S4 with its wider track and permanent Quattro just feels so secure and can reach crazy speeds without you realising.

    I didn't have the virtual cockpit in the S3 so this was a big step up in tech going to the S4 although I had £7k of extras on it so wasn't no poverty spec! The matrix lights are great, the big pano roof much nicer than the small one in the S3, massage seats very welcome and that extra bit of quality is just a step up...did I mention that V6 : )

    I don't get as many 'head turns' compared to the S3 as it's such a pretty car in Saloon form IMO but the S4 is such a sleeper and will surprise many a fast hot hatch when you nail it, although it does turn heads when you put in dynamic and sport mode and rev the engine....did I mention the V6!!

    Aston Martin would be amazing but for a daily driver that has quality, performance, tech and reasonable mpg I'd say you'd be happy with the S4, however if you're looking for that extra thrill factor then buy an Aston with a cheaper daily runaround.

    Either way good luck with your choices.
  5. jaypers777

    jaypers777 Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3

    Many thanks for the detailed reply. All makes sense and pretty much backs up what I was thinking anyway. I do love a V6, which is a massive bonus.

    With regards to the Aston Martin........one day I will have one, however, until I retire, or have a bigger garage for 2 cars, I just don’t think it would work as a daily car. 75% in favour of S4 at the moment, but it’s not an imminent thing. I did spend a year planning the S3 :wink:
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  6. Riko0073

    Riko0073 Well-Known Member Sportback Team Nardo Audi RS3

    Well continue to enjoy the S3 mate, it's such a great package and there's worse cars to be in whilst you plan your next purchase.
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  7. milestonenong

    milestonenong Member

    brahhhh.... that's me from s3 hatch MY15 to S4 b9 avant. Basically I had same day on delivery and sale with different dealer.

    I just sold my s3 to dealer yesterday and feel sad about it. Hope next owner would treat her well.

    Back to the topic. You have exactly the same thoughts as I did back the change. The time for 0-100 is basically the same hitting under 4.9s. However the way how the speed builds up is different. S3 is lighter in weight and you can feel the power comes out straight away. S4 however is heavier and when u turn and speed up, u can feel the way it accelerates is smoother and feel the there will be continuous power and torque comming under the hood. S3 is such a nimble car as u knows when u do some sharp turn and suspension is a bit stiffer. S4 will give u confidence and it has strong base of engine. Most importly the platform is totally different b9 has more advanced interior design where I think it is one of the important factor of your daily car.

    One question for you, don't u feel the s3 break paddle is a bit sensitive, at least for the first half? When u slightly hit the paddle, the car will jerk a little bit. I took couple of weeks to get used it and it is still hard sometimes to stop smoothly. Now the s4 is different story. The breaking is quite linear, I don't have to worry about the sensitive breaking but I need time to get used to it from s3.
  8. JG220

    JG220 Active Member Team Floret Silver Audi S4

    I know they are the same on paper but I personally found the s3 a bit gutless. It always felt a bit hard work extracting the performance.
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  9. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group saloon Audi A4

    I didn't have a S model but went from a A3 saloon to an A4. The difference though was very apparent and the A4 is a far more refined car to drive especially how the suspension deals with our UK roads. The interior is sublime and makes the A3 look dated dated and cheap, although my A3 was a pre-facelift, the A4 is also a far quieter place to be and you feel like you are driving a premium car. Yes the A3 is probably one of the prettiest as the lines are more balanced than the A4 is with its bigger boot...
  10. Happy Grumpz

    Happy Grumpz Well-Known Member Team Glacier Silver Supporter S-line owners group S tronic saloon quattro Audi A4 TDi

    @cuke2u, having made the same switch, I totally agree with everything you said.
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  11. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 S tronic Audi S5

    You did say any comments so I drove a DB9 and was apart from the looks and badge unimpressed.
    Also this is a completely biased comment but if you want refinement go for an S5 (even though it wouldn't be the full fat V8)
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