S3 Sold, and Thanks!


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Well, I never thought I'd be posting this, but my much loved and cared for Denim Bllue S3 has been traded in and I'm now running around in a Polo (6R) GTI...

I had a bundle of joy arrive about 10 months ago, and so really needed 5 doors, so I went searching for something more suitable.

I miss the mid range torque of the S3 (AMK remapped to 250bhp), the handling, the quattro (never realised how much quattro does even in the dry, no torque steer!), the sheer surefootedness of it, and the Denim Blue colour which I loved, and the superb Recaro's.

I prefer the Polo over the S3 for VED (£125 a year in the Polo), 37 mpg average, supercharger whine, the overall interior and DAB, the factory fit Xenon's which are brilliant, and of course the rear doors. The engine is good, has a reasonable amount of 'go' but it's soon to be remapped which should help further!

Anyway, i didn't come in here to blather about my Polo, there are other places I can do that, but rather to say a heartfelt thanks to everybody on here who has posted, debated or directly helped me over the years with the inevitable problems that cars of the S3's age will have. I was shocked to read about S3Dave on here the other day too (RIP mate) but he was just one of the members on here who typifies what it's all about.

I did spend a lot of money on the S3, and a happy 80,000 remapped miles, but it would have cost me a heck of a lot more without the knowledge on here, and VCDS of course!

So, if anybody ends up in Y835 LCY, it's a good one, and I still have a list of some minor things that it needed should the new owner want it!

I'm sticking around to hopefully help out others from my last few years working on an S3 (I had every common fault going and a few more besides!).

Now, where's a good Polo forum?!

Thanks all!! :)

The Doctor

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Enjoy the Polo! Great to see you taking the time to pass on your thanks to the forum members; as you say, it's a great source of knowledgeable and friendly support.


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Apologies, pics as requested!

First, a pic of the old girl. Quite miss her, would have loved to have kept her, but no space. We also have an 8P A3 so still in the Audi family.

Audi S3 by iaintookey, on Flickr

And a quick one of the Polo. Remapped now, much quicker, and lowering springs on the way. Nothing too extreme, just another 15mm or so. I've retrofitted a MFSW and done a few other little mods, which keeps me busy/happy!

Polo GTI by iaintookey, on Flickr


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Hopefully you'll stick around mate to impart your knowledge on to us less informed S3 owners, such as myself!!

Polo looks great though, as does the S3!!


Defo worth the wait :)
Looking good mate, i like the look of them, think they are quite sleek looking actually and they are pretty decent in size inside as well now.