S3 Saloon now in Forza 5


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I thought a few of you might like to know the latest S3 is now available in Forza 5. A newly laser mapped and inch perfect Nurburgring was also added in a recent update so there is a lot more playability to the game these days. I'm going to see what 'ring lap time I can extract from the S3 and I'll report back here. I guess some targets targets have to be the A45 AMG 8:10, the RS6 time of 8:05 and the Leon Cupra 280 'previous record' of 7:58...

If anyone is still playing Forza and wants to join in the fun I recently matched the new Renault Megane 275 Trophy-R 7:54 lap corner for corner, apex for apex in the game just to demonstrate how accurate it really is this time. The tune is on the storefront if you want to show me how it's done (275 Trophy #Under8)

If you are on Xbox One my GT is MBK72
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Nice graphics!!
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