S3 oil query on dipstick reading


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Hi all :)
Back to my barely run in S3 since my hol's and am wondering, my dipstick is reading halfway basically. How much oil does it take between min and max on the dipstick? I used to know this for my Subaru but ain't put any in the Audi yet. In fact, it may only just have done the 1k miles but I am still disappointed it has used any oil! Hahaha.


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id also like to knowthe answer to this! Currently i just have to do little by little..


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The difference between min and max on the dip stick is 1 litre. You will find that the S3 will use a lot of oil in its first 20k miles. Its normal. audi state that 1 litre per 800 miles is within the tolerance of expectable.

My car has just stopped using oil so much now the mileage is over 25k. Also short journeys have a bearing on the amount of oil used...


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I have had mine from 9,200 -> 16,500 miles and it has used just under a litre in that time.