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S3 - Gearstick not centring

Rice Apr 5, 2014

  1. Rice

    Rice Registered User

    The gearstick in my S3 isnt going back to centre when i push it from one side to the other.
    Ive looked at the linkages at the gearbox ends and it seems like its sticky at that end.

    Question is, if i go ahead and take it apart, will it be easy to reassemble in the same place? Dont want to be selecting the wrong gears!

    I guess this is a fairly common problem and can be rectified by greasing up the pin that the linkage moves on ontop of the gearbox?
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  3. Rice

    Rice Registered User

    Taken a photo of it to demonstrate what im going on about. This is a photo of the linkage on my golf as its the same, but easier to see.

    The pivot point with the red lines to is what i think needs greasing. Theres nothing in the gearbox that would be stopping the movement on the gearstick left to right is there?

  4. c20tbo

    c20tbo Registered User

    Lather it in WD40 or equivalent and work the stick.

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