S1 buying guide?


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Does anyone know of an S1 buying guide? I am seeing snippets of information but don't know if this is just people's bad experiences or not.

I know early s1's had driveshaft issues and most of them have probably been replaced and the clutch is a little soft albeit can be made to last if you have some mechanical sympathy.

I'm more looking option levels etc and trying to work out what makes a car good value?

The one I have my eye on had the clam shell seats but other than that I'm not sure what other options it has (it's also in England and I am in NI so just visiting it is hard).


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Hi Adam, basically in my opinion, as many extras as you can find do help to make the whole owning experience better. I have had two S1's albeit the first for only a short time due to rejecting it back to dealers. My first had very few extras and my second has a few, of course everyone will see this differently but my opinion on the extras in mine is :-

The Sat Nav is a nice extra, use mine all the time
Bose surround sound is excellent
The Quattro exterior pack sets the car off nicely (18"wheels, black roof, double roof spoiler, red details in the headlights, tinted back windows, front splitter and Quattro decals)
Cruise control is handy
All round parking sensors are very handy
Auto dimming interior mirror works well
Arm rest I like but others seem to think they are not so good
Love the flat bottom steering wheel
Love the heated seats

There are other optional extras such the full leather and the clam shell seats and probably a few more but I can only comment on what I have experience of.

Hope this helps and hope you find a peach, I love mine and can't see me parting with it any time soon.

Cheers Fish


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There are upsides to some of the options being missing though. I prefer the stealth of a lack of Quattro styling pack, the lighter weight of the non-Bose sound system and smaller wheels. I also prefer to use the standard round steering wheel.

I appreciate I'm in the minority though which isn't so great for resale. But there will always be someone wierd out there like me from time to time :)