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RS3 now but what next..

Jimmgc51 Jul 30, 2019

  1. Jimmgc51

    Jimmgc51 Registered User

    So after having my RS for 1.5 years my priorities in life have changed and I’m now looking to sell it off at 2 years (of my ownership) and look for something else.

    I think I want to downgrade and enjoy a couple of years of cheap motoring, whilst spending the surplus on holidays & house upgrades.

    But has anyone successfully moved down? I’ve gone from a 1.4 206 after passing my test, to a Golf GTI for 5 years and now the RS. Not sure if going back is a good idea ha

    My next problem is what after having an RS3 what would I be happy (ish) in? The A3 TFSI Slines look nice but anything else I could should consider ...
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  3. 5pot4banger

    5pot4banger Registered User

    Anything short of 8cyl will sound rather bland and boring after the rs3 now as well haha.. unless it's something like a gt3 rs:hearteyes:

    But in all seriousness would you be able to live with an a3 after having an rs3? If it can be an older car I'd argue something like a well maintained low km mk4 r32 will be relatively cheap motoring while still having a bit of fun, sounds great too. Or if you needed the DSG then one of the very late 2010 mk5 models.

    Wouldn't touch Asian cars in general after experiencing European. Even if they have the same features on paper everything just feels cheap.

    What about a Merc A250? Not sure on your budget but it's a decent little car, albeit being slightly girly:p
  4. zippster

    zippster Registered User

    I’ve recently gone back to where all my petrol head dreams started .. LOTUS.

    I sold my sept 2018 RS3 for a profit and just bought a 2019 Lotus Elise cup 250 ..

    Much more engaging to drive and has rekindled my love for driving again ! Don’t get me wrong the RS3 was fast.. but my last few years of car choices 2016 s3, 2017 S4, 2018 RS3 left me numb and forgot how much fun driving can be.

    Each to there own and all that .. but find a drivers car to change to and you won’t miss the RS .
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  5. mangobay

    mangobay Registered User

    Probaby get shot for saying this, but my suggestion would be 2 year old BMW 140i. Not much slower than RS3, a lot of fund to drive, sounds nice (although not RS3 nice!) and you can get a really good one now low miles for about £20k. Could be a good compromise.
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  6. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Just get a Golf GTi that's within your budget.

    You've had one before and they are cracking cars and it should hold its money.

    Fun but sensible and & reasonable price.

    You aint gonna get anything close to an RS3 lets be honest, but you can still get a great car :icon thumright:
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  7. jimojameso

    jimojameso Well-Known Member Section Mod

    A great shout!
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  8. Jimmgc51

    Jimmgc51 Registered User

    Some good suggestions all, I'll take a look at the M140i, always liked these cars and nearly had a M135i before I landed on the RS. My other option is to get an R. I loved my GTI and was a great little car. I was put off the R's due to the number of them on the roads but that seems to have changed now with less lease deals going on.

    Oh well no rush to decide I have another 6 months of the RS3, planning on a trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 as a final drive before we part ways :)
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  9. 5pot4banger

    5pot4banger Registered User

    Not sure exact specs and if the same car is available but in Australia we've got a mk7 Gti called the "40 year anniversary" aka clubsport which is essentially the golf r motor in a gti with added bits of alcantara on the front and rear seats, door and steering wheel as well as some cosmetic changes to make it more aggressive. They look to be holding their value very well and are limited numbers (500 here). Could be worth a look since it's a lot more exclusive than an R. Similar price on the used car market though so whether its worth it over the AWD is up to you
  10. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Moderator Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter

    If you are going for something cheaper to run, go for a larger wheelbase car like an A4/A6... different kind of drive. I wouldn’t recommend going back to an A3 from an RS3, quite an underwhelming place to be with the silent engine haha.
  11. Pinky1959

    Pinky1959 Registered User

    If coming to Scotland there is the south west coastal 300 as well.
    Great roads , Great scenery but watch out for speed traps .
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  13. Jimmgc51

    Jimmgc51 Registered User

    Will take a look, my mates done a lot of roads on the West on his bike. In fact he’ll be on it when we do it with an AMG in tow also so he’ll be our guide for the week. And up front to watch for the local friendly police officers..

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