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RO64LJJ anyone know this car ?

Beejay993 Jan 16, 2020

  1. Beejay993

    Beejay993 New Member

    Hello All,

    move just put down a deposit on a nice looking B8 RS4 (RO64LJJ). Just wondered if anyone knows the car. The last MOT in Nov indicated slight misting on the front shocks, however it’s been checked over and I’m told it’s only very slight and no sign of any leaks and ride/handling is perfect. I guess this might be a sign that the DRC is starting to show it’s age. But I’ve looked at a few and two of them have had the same misting, but no ride issues. Any thoughts ? Cheers
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  3. Robster52

    Robster52 New Member

    Not a car I've come across but misting is normal on all shocks. For piece of mind you could ask for a pressure test on the drc system to check it

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