RNS-E mk1 with all sort of problems


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Hello to everyone ! I’m having some trouble with a RNS-E unit that I just bought. The first problem is the radio function; it shows the radio posts ( with orange) but it doesn’t have sound (the sd cards , cd audio have sound) . I tested with the VCDS and it appeared two errors : 00856 and oo858 , both showing problems with antena connections , but before installing this unit I used an Alpine 1din cd-player , and before that another RNS-E from an Audi A6 , both having sound .
The second problem that I’m having is about that sometimes ( mostly at the first start ) it doesn’t want to start . At that point I disconnect the power plug and reconnect it back ; after that it shows me, on a black screen ,japanesse letters and under says something about DVD-rom ( I don’t remember exactly now) . Then after 10 -15 seconds it’s starts normaly . I don’t now what could be wrong with the unit , so if someone here had confronted one of this two issues I’d be glad to receive some help .
Thanks !