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Return my new car?

Ordinary23 Sep 1, 2019

  1. Ordinary23

    Ordinary23 New Member

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm just after some advice. I've just purchased/PCP a 2019 A3 S line 1.5 tfsi (Tuesday this week), and yesterday (Saturday) an engine management light came on after an apparent fault occurred withe the start stop system. The car then preceded to drive like a complete bag of.....
    The car has 7000 miles on it and is an ex demonstrator, and with it being an Audi Approved Used vehicle, I have the 30 day/1000 mile return policy if there is a fault and they can't fix it. Either way, I don't think this sort of thing should be happening so soon? Just like to hear some other peoples opinions on what to do going forward.

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  3. Marky-s3

    Marky-s3 Well-Known Member

    I'd get it sorted and move on any car can have a hicup at any age
  4. Darren92

    Darren92 Well-Known Member

    Just book it into the dealer. Let them fix it, drive it.

    Not sure why you’d want to be returning it, faults happen at any stage. 3 years warranty, use it.
  5. wab172uk

    wab172uk Now in an X3 M40i

    Funny one. Any car can have an issue. Yes, it shouldn't have happened, but if it's an easy fix, then why not get it fixed and carry on. That's what warranties are for after all. If the problem keeps occurring, then you'd have the right to reject. But any rejection does first require the dealer given chance to fix the fault.

    However, I had a similar issue with my S3, which resulted in a new engine being required. It was an injector fault, so maybe raise this if they don't find the fault straight away. If it is anything like this, then It's either reject or get a brand new engine.
  6. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Team Navarra Audi S3 Black Edition

    I understand your frustration as its a nearly new car and cost a lot of money - you want it to be as near to perfect as possible and not tarnished with a fault.

    Yes there is the 30 day/ 1000 mile return policy but in fairness you need to give the dealer a fair chance to fix it. It could be a new issue they may not have seen earlier.

    On the plus side, since your car is less than a year old when you bought it, you get the remainder of the 3 year warranty & breakdown cover; they can’t fob you off with 12 months only.
  7. KenL

    KenL Well-Known Member

    I'd be asking them the history of the car and asking them to see the list of jobs (if any) carried out on the car.

    If they don't comply, reject it.
  8. Ordinary23

    Ordinary23 New Member

    Really appreciate the responses and different views. We'll see what the week brings and I'll keep this thread updated. I look forward to using the Audi forum more in the future (hopefully!).

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