Help Please Retro fit steering wheel


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Hi guys, recently got a steering wheel from a 2013 Q3, looking to fit it to my 2008 B8 (SE), and would like the radio controls to work but there seems to be a few differences in the wiring. My current airbag is 2 stage, whereas Q3 is 1 stage. The wire that goes to multi function controls on my own wheel has a 5 wire plug, and controls on new wheel only have 3.

wondering has anyone fitted one of these newer wheels (similar to a B9) and got the multi function controls working? If so how did you do this ?

any help would be appreciated, here is some photos of the wiring, first photo is the B8 wiring and 2 + 3 photos are wiring from new wheel



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Sounds like you've got a newer wheel & it won't work with your version of linbus, won't recognise the signals.