Replace front wings, bolt on?


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The wife had a little parking incident yesterday and has dented the bumper :crying:. I've managed to find a replacement on the bay but the wing has been pushed out slightly at the bottom where it aligns with the door. I figured it may just be easier to fit a new wing than to try and get the old one to line up properly.

Do the wings just bolt on? Are they sealed with silicone or anything? How easy is to swap and has anyone got a link to a guide?. I'm not looking to do a facelift conversion or anything just a straight swap.

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i think they are bolted and riveted to be honest from what i remember,there are definately 3 brackets on the top edge which have 2 rivets in each but as for finding a guide you might struggle


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Its just bolted on, with a bit of sealer/underseal at the bottom. I had to replace mine as someone used it to stop in the snow. Some of the bolts are quite tricky to get access to and because they're loctited into place they can be hard to remove, make sure you've a good fitting torx bit.