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Rejecting a car before 6 months - any advice

The Saints Aug 14, 2020

  1. The Saints

    The Saints Registered User

    I have had my A6 brand new since March and had various issues with it, dash rattles etc.. some of which the dealer has resolved some are better but not gone. However the thing that is the biggest issue is the brake squeal. They have had two goes to fix it the most recent this week, almost implying it was normal and they ran a procedure to expedite the the bedding in process, although I would have thought 2000 miles would be sufficient, but sure enough this evening the problem is back.
    I am totally fed up with having the car at the dealers and want to reject it and cut my losses. I have a couple of questions which hopefully someone who may have been down this road before can answer

    Would this be sufficient an issue to reject the car?

    How do they calculate fair usage and what to refund I don’t want to be massively out of pocket, willing to pay some money for usage over the last 5 months (2000 miles) but would not be willing to accept the trade value as a refund?

    Here are a couple of examples of the brake issue

    Any feedback appreciated
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  3. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I've rejected 2 Audi's in the last 4 years, first was simple enough as the Mrs A3 came damaged from the factory and the attempted repair from the dealer was a complete hashup so the car was rejected, but that was simple as we never took ownership of the car. Second was a new C7 A6 this had a lot of faults, some fixed by the dealer other were not. One of the faults was a know factory issue that they investigating a fix for!

    The rejection was a very painful process and took many months (around 4 months) and the ombudsman had to get involved in the end. It quickly resolved once I got them involved and I got a new case manager. Be aware that Audi finance (if that is who your finance is with) are not on your side they are most defiantly on the side of the dealer/Audi UK. Good luck with the rejection, with a fault like brake squeal it will not be straight forward.

    First stage to to write a rejection letter and send that to the dealer recorded post, and contact Audi finance to let them know. You also need to contact them about continuing to drive the car once the rejection letter goes in. I stopped using the car during my A6 rejection process.
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  4. MPTT

    MPTT Registered User

    I had a Mk2 TT about 10 years ago with squeaky brakes, the dealer told he they all do that. To get rid of it I’d reverse quickly then slam the brakes on, it would cure it for a few days.
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  5. Simon1972

    Simon1972 Registered User

    Is this the same issue that the RS3 had, Warped disc or something.
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  6. The Saints

    The Saints Registered User

    Thanks all

    Sounds like a painful process but running out of ideas, there is only so many times I can give the car to them to investigate. They have probably had the car for 1 month of the 5 months I’ve owed it.

    I have sent an email to the dealership today let’s see what happens
  7. Diazro

    Diazro Registered User

    Good luck with that! One thing it worked for me few years ago is to write a complain letter to the CEO of AUDI UK. I couldn't sort out my issue with my local dealer but after the discussion with a representative of the CEO all was sorted
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  8. psychopomp1

    psychopomp1 Registered User

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  9. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    I had similar issues with my S7 which I purchased new.
    The brakes were terrible at low speed, and became embarrassing every time I was leaving or entering my estate, or parking.
    Audi didn’t want to know, and had the car a few times to try and resolve.
    In the end I was recommended to change the pads, and after some research I changed to EBC Redstuff pads all round.

    Was a night and day difference and haven’t had the issue since. The pads also halted the brake dust issue I also had.
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  10. The Saints

    The Saints Registered User

    The embarrassment is the worst part, brand new 2020 40k car and brakes squeal like a £300 20 year old run about.
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