Rear light change on A4 cabriolet 2005


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Hi everyone, I have done a search for rear light bulb change and have found a load of posts, but unfortunately, all of the instructions seem to be the same as the ones found here (with photos):

I'm not sure if the a4 has a different method to the a4 Cab, as unfortunately, mine doesn't have a little 5p size flap to open, but a big plastic disc (almost the size of a tax disc) that you twist to access the screw. I then unscrew the black plastic cylinder from around the screw that supposedly holds the light housing in place, but even with it removed, the main light unit won't pull out. There is a tiny bit of give, but it's definitely attached somewhere else that I don't seem to have access to. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't like the thought of having to pay £30-40 just to change a bulb.

When I have headlights on, the rear passenger side only has the small red light visible, so it's the larger red light I'm trying to change.

FYI, It's a 2005 55 a4 cab model.

Thanks in advance.


Hi BHDSeller,

I noticed that nobody replied to your question yet, so here goes (without pictures)

The black cylinder that you removed is in fact a red herring. Put that back on, get yourself a philips screwdriver and unscrew the screw head that is in the centre of the cylinder when it is back on. The screw won't come completely free, but you will notice the lamp cluster will loosen as you unscrew it until eventually it is no longer attached as the screw thread has been sufficiently retracted.

It helps if you remove the black plastic weather shroud from the side of the lamp cluster (this should just pull free as its only connected by a couple of push-fit retainers) - As its rubber, you can manipulate this shroud enough to see how it is retained.

With the philips screw undone and the light unit free on the boot opening side, look in behind the lamp unit and you will see a male retainer ball clip stickout out from the car that is located into a recess in the lamp cluster. To release this you will need to CAREFULLY push the lamp unit parallel with the rear of the car. Don't try to hinge or twist the unit round towards the front of the car. There are actually two retainers one top, one bottom, they may offer some resistance, but a very gentle tap on the unit from the open boot side towards the outside of the car should release them. Hold the lamp unit though as you don't want it swinging down and damaging your paintwork.

Remember it will let go of the retainers quite easily so if there's too much resistance, you are probably doing it wrong!

Hope this helps.